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Life Purpose Chiropractic


Welcome to Life Purpose Chiropractic located in Lockport, IL. At Life Purpose Chiropractic, our Lockport chiropractor does his best to make sure that "your health and life is his purpose." We serve the Lockport, IL. community and surrounding areas with Gonstead Chiropractic Care.

Life Purpose Chiropractic

The office is located in Lockport on 9th Street just east of Read St. It is on the north side of the street next to Auto zone and across the street from Will County Loan Company. If coming from the east, the office is located about a half a mile west of Ferrell Road.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from other chiropractors in Lockport is that we only do adjusting in the office and use the Gonstead System of Chiropractic exclusively and in its entirety. The care is affordable and timely. Your office visits will be on time and you won't have to be in the office for hours at a time doing other things besides chiropractic.

Common Conditions We Help

We commonly see and have had great success with disc bulges, disc herniation, sciatica, neck pain, carpal tunnel, ear infections, colic, breast feeding issues, pregnancy, carpel tunnel, back pain, asthma, scoliosis, acid reflux, IBS, colitis, Chron's disease, numb hands and feet, arm pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, wellness care, preventative care, corrective care.


8:30am - 11:00am
2:30pm - 5:30pm

2:30pm - 5:30pm

10:00am - 11:00am
2:30pm - 5:00pm

8:30am - 11:00am
2:30pm - 5:00pm



Life Purpose Chiropractic:
Rick Brescia, DC
16626 West 159th Street #700
Lockport, IL 60441

Dr. Rick Brescia:
(773) 842-9092

Dr. Rachel O’Rear:
(331) 280-2367

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Common Misconceptions

Some of the misconceptions about chiropractic in Lockport, IL are that you have to go for our office your time is valuable and you won't have to be here for hours. Most chiropractors in Lockport do physical therapy and massage...we do not do anything in our office except adjusting with Gonstead chiropractic care. People think that chiropractic care is expensive...our care is very affordable and we do work with health insurance. Many people think that chiropractic in Lockport is just for neck and back pain...we do have great success with neck and back pain but also see people for other health issues or whole families to be and stay healthy.

Why I Became A Chiropractor in Lockport

I decided to be a chiropractic in Lockport, IL because I moved here in 2018 and love the community. I also felt that people seeking chiropractic in Lockport needed an option for care that was affordable, timely, and allowed the whole family to come for corrective or preventative chiropractic care. My goal is to offer the best chiropractic here in Lockport.

If you are interested in seeing if we can help you with your health issues, you can call, email, or click on the link above and get scheduled for an initial exam and x-rays to see if we can in fact help you.

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